Step 1

Start by pressing the top right login button.

Pick "Register an account" if you're new to HALE and input the necessary details or continue with social login(Facebook/Google).

If you already have an account, just press "Login" after input your e-mail and password .

Step 2

Now for the best part! Pick your day of delivery and checkout what is being served on that day.

Step 3

Click "Add" on your choice of dishes and you will see it being added straight to your basket! When you’re satisfied with your order, just click "Checkout".

Step 4

Confirm your order by checking the quantity of dishes, date and time of delivery and applying any coupon codes that you have.

Step 5

Check your delivery details and confirm your delivery address.

Step 6

Add any comments about your order if any and click "Confirm order".

Step 7

Input your payment details and submit your payment.

Step 10

When you get this message, it means your order has been confirmed and you will receive your food soon!